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Nikon D5 vs Leica M240 in almost no light

Nikon D5 modified raw, 24 mm 1,4 1/8 f/1,4

Leica has been the low light champion until this millennium. The Leicas, from M3 to M6 has been superior when it comes to take pictures of non moving objects. The lenses are in many cases superior and the focusing are more precise. Specially with wide-angle high speed lenses with apertures like 1,4 or 2,0. Leitz had already the tremendous lens Noctilux 1,0 when the Summilux 35 mm 1,4 dual aspherical was presented as well.. Read More

Challenging dog photography

wSN Sandeman 5 160721

I really like to make a picture where you can se the object moving. It might be a car, a dog a runner or a train. This nice summer evening it just happened to be two dogs. Nikon D5, Nikkor 2,8 70-200 mm, the last but one version. 1/200 seconds, 2,8, quite late in the dusk of a swedish summerday. Later the two dogs started to chase a pack of wild boars. No.. Read More

Lets start in Green

SN Vårtbitare 1 120819

Just another macro captured with a Pentax K-5 and a Tamron 90 mm 2,8 Macro-lens. A set-up that´s cheap to buy second hand and a very useful and also high quality tool even for the more advanced photographer. Data: 1/400 sek;   f/4,5;   ISO 400 Photographer: Stefan Nilsson Data: 1/400 sek;   f/5,0;   ISO 400 Photographer: Stefan Nilsson, Pentax K-5 / Tamron 90 mm 2,5