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Welcome to the premiere!

This is the very first day for We try to run this website in english, but we´re preparing for a swedish version, We intend to cover everything that has to do with advanced photography. More  

Volvo Polestar late testing at an abandoned airport

It´s late and Volvo Polestar are testing Volvo S60 and V60 in Poelstar versions on an abandoned airfield in Sweden. Article for Gota Media. Data: Nikon D4 / Sigma 120-300 mm 2,8, 270 mm 1/50 sek;   f/4,5;   ISO 1000 Photographer: Stefan Nilsson More from the same article: Data: Nikon D4 / Nikkor 14-24 mm 2,8, 24 mm 1/60 sek;   f/3,5;   ISO 1000 Photographer: Stefan Nilsson Data: Nikon D4 / Nikkor 14-24 mm 2,8,.. Read More

Use of remote controlled Nikon SB 910

This picture is taken in a mine called Zinkgruvan. I used three Nikon flashes remote triggered withPocket Wizards. Both the cameras and the flashes worked very well a km beneath the surface in very damp conditions. There where no way i could have solved this with normal cable triggering or Nikons infrared triggering of the remote flashes. Pictures for an article in swedish Trailer magacine Data: Nikon D800e / Nikkor.. Read More

Lets start in Green

Just another macro captured with a Pentax K-5 and a Tamron 90 mm 2,8 Macro-lens. A set-up that´s cheap to buy second hand and a very useful and also high quality tool even for the more advanced photographer. Data: 1/400 sek;   f/4,5;   ISO 400 Photographer: Stefan Nilsson Data: 1/400 sek;   f/5,0;   ISO 400 Photographer: Stefan Nilsson, Pentax K-5 / Tamron 90 mm 2,5