Stefan Nilsson is the one of us who shoots digital with Pentax, Olympus, Leica, Nikon and analog with Hasselblad and Pentax 6×7.

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The similarity between working with Olympus OM-D E-M1 and Leica M4.

 Welcome to the premiere!

This is the very first day for We try to run this website in english, but we´re preparing for a swedish version, We intend to cover everything that has to do with advanced photography. We try to find those very strange lenses that none, except me, has heard about. On our test-bench this very moment are somer really rare pieces like Novoflex/Tamron 300 mm 2,8, Novoflex 500 mm for medium format cameras, Leitz Noctilux 50 mm 0,95, Leitz Summilux 35 mm 1,4, yes the double aspheric, Leitz Apo-Telyt 280 mm 2,8, Zuiko 2,0 250 mm, Sigma 2,8 120-300 mm, Sigma Art 1,4 35 mm, Tamron 150-600 mm, Voigtländer 1,8 21 mm, Voigtländer 5,6 12 mm, Pentax 2,8 14 mm, Pentax 4,0 60-250 mm, Pentax 4,0 800 mm, Nikkor 1,4 24 mm, 1,4 85 mm and so on.

We are not going to do MTF-tests. It´s more a personal view of the lens all aspects like handling, picture quality.

We intend to put a lot of photography on display and give you a lot of interesting tech talk.

We also intend to help anyone who´s interested in starting up analog photography with tips about chemicals and how to do it.

I´m Stefan Nilsson, I´ve been working with many different chemical processes and I´ve used photoshop since 2,0. No not CS 2. Photoshop 2.0.