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Still very impressed by the Noct-Nikkor

I’m still using the Noct, and I’m still very impressed by the lens performance. I’ve made those pictures for an article about a small basement club in Sweden. The author Tina K Persson reads from her book ”Livet i all enkelhet”, and the audiens listens silent and concentrated. All pictures are taken with the len full open att 0,95. All pictures are followed with an enlargement.

Fullframe or APC? Nikon or Pentax?

I´ve been using different camera-system for many years. Mainly Pentax, Nikon and Olympus as well as Leica. First analog cameras like Nikon F2, Pentax Spotmatic, Nikon F3, Pentax LX as well as the Olympus OM range from 1 to 4 and Leica both rangefinder-cameras and SLR:s.