I’m doing a lot of car photography and I´ve tried different ways to show the drivers view. The real feeling off sitting in the car as a driver and I think the instrument-clusters, the dashboard, the mirrors, the displays are realy important. I’m using different wide angle lenses for this work and one of my favorites is the Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12 mm. Data for this picture: 1/30, 5,6 and 400 ISO.

SN Porsche Panamera 8
Its realy sharp wide open, ok its only 5,6, and the focusing works with the rangefinder. Also with the digital Leicas as the M10 I’ve used here. I’ve got other interesting lenses like the Zeiss 15 mm 2,8, Zeiss Hologon and Nikon Z6 wit 14-30 mm 4,0 and I’m coming back to those lenses. Ayway, here’s a sample where I used 5,6. Its the same picture just enlarged center and right side.

smSN Porsche Panamera 8,2

SN Porsche Panamera 8,3

Voigtländer 12 mm2